About Us

2018 - 2019 Club Schedules
2019 - 2020 Club Schedules
​​​​Our mission is to help young people become productive, caring and responsible citizens by providing enriching experiences in a positive environment. 

Age: The minimum age to be a Club Kid is six (6) years old. Some of our sports allow participation as young as 4 years old. You must prove your child's age if asked.

Registration: The normal procedure is for the parent to go to a particular club location where your child will be participating. Many of our sports leagues also allow on-line registration.

Fee Schedule: effective January 1, 2019
After-School per Semester (drop-off) = $40
      (50 cents a day, $10 a month)
After-School + Transportation per Semester = $140
      ($1.50 a day, $35 a month)
Summer Session = $60
      ($1 a day)
~Speak to the Unit Director if you need a payment plan.
~Semester One runs from the start of school in August through December.
~Semester Two runs from January 1 through the end of school in May.
~Summer Session normally starts one week after school ends,  
  until one week before school starts.

~UTPB STEM Academy after-school program is $90 a month.

Club Hours:
  3 p.m. - 7 p.m. After-School
  8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Summer
10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Saturday Morning Club

Saturday Morning Club is free fun for parents with their 5 and under children (older siblings welcome) held on most Saturdays in Midland and Odessa. To sign up for Saturday Club weekly text updates:

    Midland Updates -
    text to: 313131
    the message: BGC Midland

    Odessa Updates -
    text to: 313131
    the message: BGC Odessa

National History: Boys & Girls Clubs of America is a congressionally chartered organization having its beginnings in 1860, during the Civil War, when fathers were off to war and their sons roamed the streets back home. Incorporated in 1906, today the Boys & Girls Clubs of America has nearly 4,000 clubs throughout the United States and is the eighth largest charity in the country.

Local History: The Boys Club came to Odessa in 1958 and Midland in 1965. In 1990 the Boys Clubs of America became the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. And in 2013, the Odessa and Midland clubs, remaining independent organizations, formed the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Permian Basin. 
The Club is NOT a daycare, but a private youth club licensed by the state differently than a daycare. Many children walk to and from their homes. Parents must remind their children to never leave the Club without their approval.

Revenue Sources: private donors 70%, user fees 12%, government 10%, United Ways of Midland and Odessa  8%

Local Collaborative Relationships: U.T.P.B., Odessa College, Midland College, numerous churches, City of Midland, City of Odessa, Special Olympics, home school associations, E.C.I.S.D., M.I.S.D., West Texas Food Bank, and many more.