JUDO - Odessa

The word "Judo" literally means "gentle way". In essence, a man may overcome an opponent by yielding some ground and then utilizing some of the opponent's strength of momentum.

Sensei Michael McCleery, a sixth-degree black belt, has been competing around the world since 1965. Dale Lehman, Mike's original instructor, led the Judo program at the club from 1964-2013.

For more information come to class at the Odessa Wilkerson Facility, 800 E. 13th St., on Tuesday or Thursday nights at 6:30 pm; go to the website at www.obcjudo.com or call 432-664-3942
Coach Michael McCleery and several members of the OBC Judo Team competed in the 11th annual Alamo Judo Classic.  Joshua Ramos of Midland won first place in the age 13-14 division and Edward Alvarado of Odessa won second in the age 9-10 division. From left: Coach Michael McCleery, Edward Alvarado and Joshua Ramos.